Blog Post #200

Today I reached a milestone.

This is blog post #200.

I am trying to “enjoy the journey” at this stage, which is challenging. I wrote about goal setting a few days ago in The Blogging Journey – Part 1, noting the hardest part is getting started. Now that I have started, I may need a reminder of why I chose this path.

Some days are remarkable and I feel fantastic.

Other days suck and I feel like giving up.

With any goal, whether it be to lose 10 pounds before a grand event, to quit smoking, or to blog everyday of 2010, success derives from simply putting one foot in front of the other and moving toward the end result.

Forward progression is especially vital on the days when you’d rather poke your eyeballs out with a dull pencil than sit behind a computer screen and aimlessly punch keys.

Yet, I continue to move forward.

Are you moving forward?

What is your current goal?

I spoke with a dear friend today who shared the recent goal/achievement of running a 5k –  of which I knew nothing! She trained all summer, and once you hear the exercise history of said friend, you’ll be as shocked and amazed and entertained as I was listening to her story. Oh, don’t worry, she’s going to be a blog feature, like it or not.

Don’t keep your goals to yourself. Shout them out! Make yourself heard.

Be sure to leave a note and let me know what your currently working on, and we’ll work together. Everything is easier (and much more fun) when you’ve got company to share the ride.

Happy Labor Day Weekend.

Love to all.

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2 thoughts on “Blog Post #200”

  1. That’s why I joined Weight Watchers. I knew I couldn’t reach my goal alone and that’s why I continue to go to meetings, and weigh in once a month. I don’t want to go back. Love you

  2. Reading this blog and Diane’s comments reminded me of my foray and success with WeightWatchers; specifically the days to just plow ahead, one step at a time and focus on today when needed, then remind oneself of the bigger goals when the time is right to not overwhelm! Although I don’t want to get back to WW, I do need to commit to that magic lb # once again!

    PS – said friend of the 5K fame told me about becoming a future blog topic…can you believe she’s a runner? Very exciting!

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