Re-Run House of Cards

Reposted from January 2010.

In preparation of our son’s birthday, I ran to the store, at the last minute, to purchase a card.

Usually I purchase cards in bulk, or use from my own supply. But things got away from me, and I didn’t plan ahead. I thought, what the heck, I’ll just pick up a card at the store.

I didn’t pay much attention to price during the selection process, but once I arrived at the check-out counter, and the sales clerk said, “That’ll be $3.50” – I had a split-second thought process, “What the hell?” THEN “I just won’t buy it!” but I was running late, and didn’t have time for an alternative.

The card wasn’t a super fancy version with moving parts, or spinners, or even glitter. It was for my son, but you get the idea.

The card was plain, offering a run-of-the-mill birthday greeting, of which, once the card is opened and the gift card is removed, I have no doubt where the card will end up.

I seriously fretted over this $3.50 purchase. When I called Sexy Hubby to share the story with him, his reply was “I am only going to say this once, NO MORE CARDS!!”

As a personal “research study,” I gathered all the cards I have saved over the years.
My esteemed card collection runs the gamut from birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thank You, How Are You, Thinking of You, We’ve Moved, Meet our New Dog, Meet our New Baby, Look Who’s Divorced, and the list goes on…

All told, I counted 221 cards (this DOES NOT include Christmas cards, which are kept with the Christmas decor, but if included, the total would be well over 1,000!)

I did some simple math. (And for those who know me, know that statement is an oxymoron!)

An average card price of approximately $2.25 x 221 cards (in my stack) = $497.25 IN PAPER!!

While I had the cards in front of me, I began to look more closely at my valued collection. It was a fun trip down memory lane. After a brief review, these sentiments were some of my favorites:

Most Spendy Card:

An anniversary card given to Sexy Hubby and me the Arapov family = $3.99

They obviously cared enough to send the very best!

Most Creative Cards:

One of a kind, hand-made creations from my very talented friend, Michelle, who went so far as to sketch a card with a cowboy version of Sexy Hubby and cowgirl version of me. It’s a keeper certainly.

Yet, now with twins-times-two, seems the hand-crafted cards are collector’s items. My friend is too busy for creativity.

Favorite Mothers Day Card from Sexy Hubby:

“Happy Mother’s Day to the one who loves me, and is a wonderful mom to our kids…from the one who pictures you naked when you vacuum.”

I don’t vacuum? Wonder who he’s talking about?
Favorite Valentines Day Card to Sexy Hubby:

“To My Husband — the man who has everything…from the woman who puts it all back where it belongs.”

Favorite Birthday Card from Sexy Hubby:

A lovely pink card with a gold embossed rose on the cover, entitled simply “My Wife.”

The inside cover is comprised of extensive flowery words affirming my attributes of wonder, thoughtfulness, consideration, charm, magic, whit, humor and heartfelt endless compassion and love.

Sexy Hubby writes, “I even read this card.”

Needless to say, after nearly 17 years of marriage, we have adopted the motto of NO MORE CARDS.

We are past the point of needing to purchase a piece of paper as an expression of love and commitment to one another.

We just give each other a kiss.

Or a fist-bump.

Can you say e-card?

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