A Grand Day

I am fairly certain one never tires of the views of Maui. Especially those around the Grand Wailea. At every turn, and every step, there is a sight to behold.

Moon at sunrise
Another moon view

But this sight I was NOT thrilled about seeing, especially since this is my Internet cable. 

Sneaky little co-worker

After several 10+ hour days, today we get a reprieve and will be off at noon. Make no mistake. This is where I will be spending the remainder of my afternoon…

Pools of paradise
Blue is my new favorite color


Adult only pool...this one has my name on it
Poolside massage service
Swim up bar

Thinking this might be a popular spot for an afternoon Lava Flow.

Cozy reading nook

As a blogger/writer, I am getting off way too easy this week. The views are just too spectacular.

For once, I have nothing to say.

(Thanks SP – I removed the photo and will do another…)


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9 thoughts on “A Grand Day”

    1. Hey SP!
      Nice catch! I wrote it 3 times and the waves kept wiping it out. See what happens when I rush?? Where’s spell check?

      I removed that photo and replaced it with a standard “wave” shot. Will try to get back to the beach and retry.


  1. I want to spend the afternoon in that pool. That looks just fabulous. I’d like a lava flow too. Right there. Oh well … I hope you have an amazing afternoon there. That looks like the ultimate spot for luxurious relaxation.

    1. Yep, afternoon siesta at the pool was just what the doctor ordered!
      And this time, tried some sort of Colada conconction…all dee-lish!


  2. HMMMM ~ another sunrise pic ~ are you sure you are not partying all nite there?!?!?!?
    OH PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell us you experienced the swim up bar ~ OOOHHH I have soooo always wanted to do that!!! Thanks for sharing the beauty KT 🙂

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