Talk a Walk with Me

Yesterday was bliss.

It was our first free afternoon since arriving in Maui last week.

Once off duty, we meandered our way to the pool, and within about thirty seconds of plopping down in the nearest lounge chair, my colleague and I were fast asleep………………….

Upon waking some time later, we decided to take a peek at the Four Seasons Resort – the Grand’s most prestigious neighbor.

Take a walk with me, and check the sights.

Keep up...we've got lots to see...
Four Seasons Resort I
Four Seasons II
Four Seasons III
Four Seasons IV
Four Seasons V

Honestly, I didn’t think anything was finer than the Grand Wailea, but the Four Seasons was exquisite.

Walking back to the Grand, I took advantage of an opportunity to shoot the beach. It was a lovely afternoon.

Ocean I
Ocean II
Ocean III
Ocean IV
Ocean V

Happy beach couple
An Authentic Life's a Beach

Note: In yesterday’s post, I tried – and not very successfully (thank you for noticing SP!) – to spell “An Authentic Life” in the sand, but the waves kept erasing it before I could snap a photo.

Second note: If you happen to be reading this post K. Plubell, writing “Authentic Life’s a Beach” reminds me of you. Hearkening back to my days at Petaluma High School when my last name was fodder for all sorts of yucks and laughs.

I fixed the problem by only using An Authentic Life initials. It was much faster, and could actually capture the photo before the tide rolled in, and washed it all away.

Also, with time on my side, I was able to fully capture the sunset last night. And what a scene to behold!

Sunset I
Sunset II
Sunset III
Sunset IV
Sunset V
One last look

Final note regarding hair. I love humidity. And it loves me. Especially my hair.

I have not used a hair dryer since arriving in Maui. This morning, I was running late, and thus, was forced to plug in the dryer and give it a whirl. After a minute, I looked in the mirror. I looked like Barbara Streisand – correction, as my fine readers have pointed out – Bette Midler in The Rose.

Looks like a pony-tail kind of day.

Aloha lovely readers.

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2 thoughts on “Talk a Walk with Me”

  1. LOVE THE FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND!!!! How the prints raise up and not sink in ~ interesting?!?! You have a great eye for picture taking . . . makes one feel like you’re really there!
    ps ~ it was Bette Midler ~ I don’t think she would mind being thought of as Barbra though being that these two (i do have do add Whitney to the list) have the most phenomenal voices ever!!!!

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