Ghosts of Halloween Past

It’s amazing that something I used to love now makes me melancholy.

When my kids were small, I loved Halloween.

I loved to decorate the house. I loved to plan fun parties. I loved purchasing great costumes (I was a work-outside-the-home- mom, never did I attempt to make anything. I left that to the work-from-home-moms.)

I even loved cooking ghoulish dinners, and creating slimy desserts.

Those were the days.

With two “adult” children and a 15 year old, no one plays dress up anymore. No one carves Jack-O-Lanterns. No parties. No frightful meals.


In honor of Halloween – a holiday I used to love – let’s take a look at the ghosts and goblins of Halloween past.

Don’t mind me, while I sit in the corner and sob.

Halloween 1994

You can’t really notice, but I am a “pregnant” witch!

Halloween 1995
Halloween 1996 - My Little Devil

West Side Farms, 1996

A favorite Halloween tradition was taking the kids out to West Side Farms in Healdsburg – the best pumpkin patch ever. It was my most favorite spot.

They had a little market where they sold garden vegetables, local crafts and goodies like jams and jellies. They also offered hayrides, had barnyard animals (probably the largest hogs on display I have ever seen), a ginormous haystack to climb – and of course miles and miles of pumpkins.

West Side Farms, 1996

Sadly, sometime before we left the Golden State, West Side Farms was sold to a local vintner.

Instead of pumpkins, they now grow grapes.

Halloween 1997

"Scary" Hubby - 1999

Halloween 2000


Halloween 2001

I pride myself on the fact I take tons of photos, yet, after 2001, my collection of Halloween photos is sketchy, hazy – and mostly missing?

Yet, this shot from last year’s Halloween party is enough to take my mind off feeling sad.

In fact, I may never be sad about my kids being grown and missing Halloween ever again.


Even "Scarier" Hubby

What was your best Halloween costume?


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