A Girl and A Camera

The year was 1983.

A Private First Class in the United States Army was stationed in Korea for 13 months. While overseas, the soldier saved his salary for three months – akin to a king’s ransom – and for what felt like an eternity.

He was saving to purchase a gift for a friend back home.

The gift was a camera – a Canon AE-1, the best of its kind at the time.

The friend back home was a girl.

That girl was me.

To this day, I credit my sheer love of photography to my one and only soldier.

My Sexy Hubby.


In the spring of 1986, I was hired with Trans World Airlines and made my way to New York City – my domicile, and new home.

Initially, until I could find an apartment, I stayed at the local hotel just outside JFK Airport in Queens, not exactly the Ritz-Carlton. TWA’s main hub – Hanger 12 – was nearby, and while over there gathering details for my first work-flight, the Canon disappeared from the not-so-secret hiding place in my hotel room.

As a flight attendant, I never clicked a single frame with that Canon. It did not capture Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, Lady Liberty or the Colosseum in Rome. Nothing.


Less than a month ago, Sexy Hubby bought a new camera – another Canon, this time the Rebel T1.

He bought it for his wife.

Once again, I am photography heaven!

And I pledge not to leave the Rebel alone and unsupervised in any hotel room, ever! Sexy Hubby often wonders if the first Canon was “pawned” in a New York minute.

It may have been – but not by the likes of me.

With lovely fall weather in southwest Montana, I was able to get out and explore recently with the Rebel. With a new camera, and some photo editing software, I am having more fun than should be legally allowed.

Take a look.

Sunflower, un-retouched

Black and white, soft focus
100% Saturation
Focal black and white
Warm fly
Tint with soft focus
Graduated tint
Close up crop
Super crop
Super crop saturated

Close up bee
Super close up bee
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6 thoughts on “A Girl and A Camera”

  1. When I got to the third pic I knew it was sepia right away ~ LOVE IT!
    Then the fifth one comes ~ LOVE IT TOO ~ did not know what it was.
    hmmmm ~ focal black and white ~ VERY COOL!!! as is the crop.
    Then warm fly ~ WARM FLY?!?!? dont’ like the sound of it but LOVE how it looks!!!
    I wonder what liking these styles say about me ?!?!?!?
    Thanks again for sharing KT 🙂

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