Woke Up in a Winter Wonderland

At heart, I’m still a California girl.

And I’m still getting used to the idea of living with snow.

Do you ever get used to it?

I’m not sure – six winters in, and I’m still not sold.

Yes, it’s lovely, there is no doubt. But once it’s here – the white stuff – it’s here for a very long time.

And didn’t I tell you?

I told you.

I told you it would change.

I told you it would change in the blink of an eyeball.

I went to bed with soft pitter-patter of rain, and then…

…woke up in a Winter Wonderland.

I left the house early and brought the Rebel along.

The Rebel had images to capture.

As I stopped and took some photos, neighbors were driving by wondering, “What the hell is she doing? Hasn’t she seen snow before?”

They laugh at me. Secretly.

They know I am an outsider.

Although I pretend to play the part. They know I don’t belong. Who else stands out in the snow taking photos?

Only an idiot, who still marvels at this faint white stuff.

And, no, it’s not an illegal substance.


And now…

Last week it looked like this….

Yesterday, it looked like this…

Last winter I purchased a reduced price ski-pass, and never used it.

How will I survive this winter?

Only time will tell.

I am open to ideas.

I love skiing, but hate the cold.

Who am I kidding.

This could be one long-ass winter.

…stay tuned peeps…

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13 thoughts on “Woke Up in a Winter Wonderland”

  1. I am smiling! I’ve been here 17 years, originally from SoCal. I am still getting used to living with snow. Snow covered mountains make a beautiful view. Watching it snow outside while snuggled by the fire inside is delightful. Having to get in the car and go somewhere on snowy, icy roads? Not so delightful.

    Beautiful pictures! Thank you for going out in the cold to take them for us. 😀

    (No snow in Helena yesterday)

    1. So, DeeDee, you know personally of which I speak!!
      Yes, it is glorious and a pain in the ass simultaneously…
      My biggest issue, the slipping and falling on the damn ice. Although *fingers crossed* I didn’t fall once last winter, but I’ll be walking like a grandma for the next 6 months – slow and steady!

  2. Hi KT- You are a marvel with your camera! Love the pics of snow and no snow at the same places you have such a gift. Keep it up, look forward to your blog. Kathi Lee

  3. I S~KNOW IT!!!!!!!!
    Yesterday morning ALL FOUR doors of my car were FROZEN SHUT . . . AAAAAGGGHHH!!!!!!
    As this has only happened a few times in our 12 years of living here I tend to forget that this happens ’till that very moment I pull the door handle and my hand springs back at me like it’s been rubberized. Took me about 10 minutes (and one bloody finger!) to get a door open ~
    Today no frozen door just a door that would not close ~ CRAZIENESS for sure . . .
    I too LOVE the in the exact same place then and now pics ~ VERY COOL : )

    1. Yep, Elise, one thing I love about The Ridge – the STEAM room, where I spend lots of time in the winter. Perhaps I’ll see you there? We could talk Social Media amongst the steam!!

  4. Oh, looks absolutely gorgeous from here in Texas, where it’s warm enough for shorts! I’d love two or three days of snow, but I know I’d be tired of it after that. Makes for some beautiful photos, though!

  5. It was cold enough for a 3/4 length cotton shirt and my jeans and cowboy boots today – that’s what passes for winter here in the desert southwest. So glad to stumble upon your gorgeous photos. You’ve captured the lightness and the softness of the snow, which I miss. But you (thankfully) included a shot of a slushy road, which I do not miss at all. Not a whit.

    1. Oh Ashleigh…I won’t be wearing a 3/4 length shirt for months and months.
      Thanks for visiting AAL, and anytime you feel the need for winter in Montana, just stop on by!

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