Week in Review

We had our monthly “Ladies Night” this week.

Honestly, I am so glad to be associated with these gals – all former colleagues that choose to keep in touch, which has been a blessing for me personally.

{Not to mention the fact, when Ladies Night happens to be at my friend Bethie’s home, she always cooks something super-duper fabulous, proclaiming, “It’s so easy.”}


Anyway, these gals have heard it all from the beginning and are gallant supporters of An Authentic Life. And it’s because of them and a recent discussion that I have decided to step away from keyboard.

For one day.

On Sunday.

As much as I adore and love my time at AAL, I need a mental blogging break.

Instead of me opining, I will offer a post that highlights blogs from the previous week.

A Week In Review will offer my readers a chance to catch up on any missed posts, and a chance for me to unwind. And do laundry. And cook Sexy Hubby a home-cooked meal. And maybe have my nails done. Or watch a movie. Or read a book.

What’s a book?

That way, we’ll be refreshed, rested and ready for Monday, won’t we.

Won’t we?

This decision is not made willy-nilly. On January 1, 2010, I vowed to post for each day of the new year as part of my 10 Intentions for 2010.

So far, I’m at 266, but clearly, I have already missed about 50 or so days. It was more a test of wills to see if I could do it, which I can, but now I am choosing not to.

You understand, right?

You’ll keep visiting, right?

Welcome to An Authentic Life’s first Week in Review.

Sunday – Nov 7

Keeping a Kid Journal, Easy as 1, 2, 3

Monday – Nov 8

Baby on the Way

Tuesday – Nov 9

Teen Parenting – A Brave New World

Wednesday – Nov 10

Woke Up in a Winter Wonderland

Thursday – Nov 11

Honoring Our Veterans

Friday – Nov 12

According to Sexy Hubby

Saturday – Nov 13

Sights of Savannah

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6 thoughts on “Week in Review”

  1. I think this is a great idea. But I think you forgot one thing you will do on your day of rest…….watch football!!!
    Enjoy your day off!!

    1. WB – watching football goes without saying (although Raiders have a bye today, so I can really RELAX!!!)

      Off to photograph the dead buck in the yard. Oh, the joys of life in Montana!

  2. What an awesome idea – I might have to copycat this one! I could use a deliberate day off (which means, not a day off because I’m just too dang busy elsewhere!)

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