Newborn Nirvana

From my various posts this week, you all know how I was feeling kid-starved.

Imagine my bliss – I got to visit (and hold) a newborn today!!

My friend Gen became a mommy for the first time yesterday. And today, I was in newborn nirvana.

Take a peek…

Little Sophia in the hands of her daddy.

Baby Sophia and mommy…

First family portrait – daddy, Sophie and mommy.

{After I held baby Sophie, and nearly dropped her at one point – !!! – I thought I should “share” her with Grandpa Joe.}

For the record, I did call and ASK permission to come visit Baby Sophia. I did not invite myself. {Although, I was dying that I couldn’t come the first day she was born. Mommy needed some rest, so I complied!}

Welcome to the world, Sophia Jean!

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4 thoughts on “Newborn Nirvana”

    1. Grandma Kathy,
      Congrats to you as well! You must be beaming with happy grandma joy!!!
      She is amazing…and precious…I am so happy for the new (and growing!) Kulaski family…and happy to be a part of their lives.

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