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Newborn Nirvana

From my various posts this week, you all know how I was feeling kid-starved.

Imagine my bliss – I got to visit (and hold) a newborn today!!

My friend Gen became a mommy for the first time yesterday. And today, I was in newborn nirvana.

Take a peek…

Little Sophia in the hands of her daddy.

Baby Sophia and mommy…

First family portrait – daddy, Sophie and mommy.

{After I held baby Sophie, and nearly dropped her at one point – !!! – I thought I should “share” her with Grandpa Joe.}

For the record, I did call and ASK permission to come visit Baby Sophia. I did not invite myself. {Although, I was dying that I couldn’t come the first day she was born. Mommy needed some rest, so I complied!}

Welcome to the world, Sophia Jean!

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