…And The Winning Photos Are…

Part of what makes this blogging journey worth the endless hours spent belaboring over which words to use and which photo to publish, is when it develops naturally.

Authentically, if you will.

Several years ago I began printing all of my photos (what few photos I do actually transform from digital to paper) through a website called Snapfish.

How did I find Snapfish? I cannot recall, I just know they do a fabulous job, and the prices are crazy low. IĀ consider them my own personal print-house.

So, imagine my delight to find Snapfish is a sponsor of BlogHer11. They also held a contest recently, in which I entered. A representative on behalf of Snapfish contacted me today.

This is what they said:

Hi Katie,

Thank you for submitting your photos for the first-ever Snapfish/BlogHer Best of
Blogs 2011!  We have selected #3 (sepia tone pier and water) and #12 (sunset over
plains) photos to be included. 

Also, please confirm that 10:30-11:30 a.m. on Saturday, August 6 will work for
you to be available for a special book signing with all the selected recipients at
the Snapfish Creation Station in Booth #332 in the Expo Hall of the San Diego
Convention Center. 

Thanks and congratulations!
On behalf of Snapfish

{Heavy, cleansing sigh.}

What can I say?

I’m one happy – and most grateful – blogger.


…and the winning photos are…

{Authentic Note: Snapfish is not endorsing An Authentic Life for this post. An Authentic Life’s photos won fairly and squarely without any financial compensation. Or based on the premise that glowing things would be said about Snapfish. Even though they are really great. And worthy of aforementioned praise.}

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9 thoughts on “…And The Winning Photos Are…”

  1. Are you going to buy a special pen? I would!! BTW – so proud of you and so happy that one of the Lido pictures was selected. Just another sign that it’s “the right place”.

  2. Katie, that is so cool! Your photos are always so beautiful. From someone who also loves to take pics, I appreciate that you have such a great eye. Not everyone has that talent, you know. I’m proud of you! I will miss you this weekend!

    1. Thanks Mootsie!
      Means the world to me.
      Make sure all you gals have a drink (or 10!) for me this weekend!
      I hate missing the party!
      Luv u!

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