Lazy Hazy Dayz Prior to BlogHer Madness

It’s Friday night.

And for once, I’m home alone. Blissfully alone, save my old dog, but he doesn’t pester me whining, “What’s for dinner?”

Sexy Hubby is out wrestling hoards of wild trout with his bare hands and “The Junior” took my car to work. He “lost his keys” – which I found buried under a heaping wad of dirty laundry about 90 seconds after he drove away. Have I said lately how I adore teenage boys?

It’s Friday night.

It’s exactly one week to BlogHer ’11 – an annual real-life gathering of those who spend thousands of hours in the cherished white space of their computer screens, speaking to the world, baring souls, sharing valued tips and information, reaching into the chasm of the Internet hoping to foster communities of like-minded people.

Blogging is a solitary activity, which is why meeting face to face with legions of similar personality types is exciting, and nerve-wracking all at the same time.

I’ve read several entertaining posts about BlogHer conference preparation – but hand’s down, this one is my favorite. It’s by Little Miss Mocha (how can you not love her by the name of her blog alone?)

Regarding my feelings prior to my first BlogHer conference, I am more excited than anything else. I am looking forward to the opportunistic treasures that await, to reconnect with my high-school-friend-turned-blogger – Wife of a Dairyman – to meet some fellow bloggers face to face, to visit San Diego (it’s been like 20 years since I’ve been there?), attend some fabulous networking functions (read=parties!) and rekindle the spirit of the writer within.

Lastly, yet most importantly, I hope to discover the revered secret of how I can catapult An Authentic Life into the blogosphere – to infinity and beyond!!!!!! (Or at least throughout Montana. A girl’s gotta dream, right?)

But for now, as I sit in the glorious afternoon warmth, listening to birds chirp, and dogs bark in the distant, staring off into the Rocky Mountains, I am calm and at peace.

I used to think if I had more free time, I’d clean this, fold that, cook more healthily, take more classes at the gym, be a better wife, mother, friend. And now that I have more free time – no babies to rock, no diapers to change, no sippy cups to fill – this is how I spend my time.

Right here.

Doing absolutely nothing.

And for the lazy, hazy, dayz of summer – it’s exactly what the doctor ordered. Especially with all the BlogHer ’11 madness about to shove my quiet little life full speed ahead into 72-hours of non-stop networking, socializing, kibbitzing, and in general, mayhem.

Oh, beloved mayhem!

(My quiet little life will be waiting for me upon my BlogHer return.)

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5 thoughts on “Lazy Hazy Dayz Prior to BlogHer Madness”

  1. Have a great time!!! Go get ’em! We love our An Authentic Life (You) in Montana…. have fun sharing it with the world.

    1. Thanks Ann!
      Since I am all about #Snapfish and their support to An Authentic Life, yes, I’ll be at Open Mic Salon!

    1. JD4Momma,
      I followed BlogHer’10 on Twitter (and honestly was green with envy I couldn’t go!!).
      Maybe you can come to BlogHer’12!!!

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