A Trailer Treasure & Hollyhocks

October is just around the corner, which brings Halloween to the horizon.

With that in mind, and due to my latest television obsession, I went on a mission to locate “Mad Men” style clothing today (and I’ll share that discovery with you later.) In the meantime (and in the parking lot) I discovered this – a trailer treasure.

It’s cozy and cute.

And it’s for sale.

Most importantly, it’s so dang sassy.

Just beyond the Prairie Queen, stood one of my favorite flowers.

The Hollyhock.

I simply adore the Hollyhock. Perhaps because it reminds me of Hollywood – glamorous and fancy and delicate – just like a Hollywood starlet, waiting to be discovered…

Have I mentioned we are in the midst of the most lovely autumn I’ve ever experienced in Southwest Montana?

Cool evenings, and daytime temperatures reaching the upper 70’s to low 80’s.

I simply cannot ask for more…{except perhaps a major ass-kicking win when the New England Patriots land in Oak-Town this Sunday. Lord, hear my prayer…}



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5 thoughts on “A Trailer Treasure & Hollyhocks”

  1. Gorgeous pictures and Yes! Most lovely Montana autumn in many years. I am so enjoying every minute of it. And I love that trailer. Makes me want to take a road trip!

  2. Dear KT,
    When we lived on Lauren Drive, you were too little to remember the
    hollyhock plants we had in the back yard.
    You told tell me that was your “favorite tree.”
    The picture of the hollyhocks are lovely. Brings back
    memories of the good times.
    Love you,

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