How to Cook Fresh Crabby Goodness

After sales meetings in Las Vegas, I was lucky enough to have a quick stop-over in my homeland for a weekend filled with holiday  parties and visits with friends and family.

During this visit, I was invited to feast on crab that was hours fresh. Dungeness crustaceans that were swimming west of Bodega Bay at 2pm, were on my plate by 7pm.

It was crab-tacular!

How to Cook Fresh Crab

Begin with extra-large stock pot, fill with water, add sea salt, and olive oil.

Add crab to boiling water.

Cook for no less than 14 minutes.

Remove crab from pot and clean (remove outer shell, and innards. Wash with cool water.)

Remove legs from body, place crab pieces in large serving dish.

Serve with butter or sauce as desired.

Notice, there are no “after cooking” photos available of the crab.

I very speedily moved from the “photography” stage to the “cracking and eating stage.”

And eating, and eating, and eating…

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3 thoughts on “How to Cook Fresh Crabby Goodness”

  1. Um, fresh makes all the difference. I really didn’t learn to enjoy seafood a great deal until we moved to the coast and could get it fresh. Love the pictures – if my kids weren’t in bed right now, I’d be showing them the pictures of the crab. Wow!

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