Abandoned Montana Homesteads

Several days ago, I shared a few posts about our “day road trip” that took us miles and miles off the beaten path. It feels freeing to get out of town and observe the deep country-side. I am constantly amazed at the homesteads we discover, often wondering, “what made this family settle here?”

The early Montana pioneers were certainly strong people – in both determination and faith – and didn’t let fear stop them from chasing their dreams. In fact, most of them didn’t let anything stop them – not even the ruthless severity of Montana winters.

I’m most certain I would not have possessed the mental constitution for early American living. {Hell, many days, I’m not sure I have what it takes to survive twenty-first century living!}


I guess the question that plaques me more than “what made the pioneers choose this spot as their new home?” but rather, “what made them abandoned their newly discovered home?”

How long did they live here?

Why did they leave?

Where did they go?

So many questions – and no one to answer them. Literally, on this road trip, we passed one car every 90 minutes.

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