What The Heck is a Chokecherry??

Prior to moving to Montana, I clearly admit, I’d never even heard of a chokecherry. What the …? Why would you want to ingest something that includes the word “choke” in the title?

What is a chokecherry, you ask?

choke·cher·ry/ˈCHōkˌCHerē/ – a North American cherry (Prunus virginiana) with an edible astringent fruit that is more palatable when cooked.

Apparently this sour, little fruit is so popular, a town in central Montana plans an entire festival around the odd-named berry – The Chokecherry Festival is held annually in Lewistown, Montana.

The festival also includes the infamous “pit spit” – to determine who can spit a chokecherry pit the farthest (although, we didn’t stay for that part of the show – gives us a reason to return next year…)

We visited Lewistown yesterday – on our way to tour “What the Hay” hay bale display (which I’ll share later in the week). Not only was it a most lovely, late summer day, but we were met with friendly folks, food vendors and many crafty-kin alike.

Can you believe the depth of  the “Big Sky” blue? (Photo NOT color enhanced!!)

Main Street U.S.A – Lewistown, Montana

Love the old-fashioned style of this old-timer, feathers and all.

Yep, I was shocked by the size of these “big girl panties” and apparently so was the on-looker (on the left!)

Interesting “Yard Art” made from ancient, recycled treasures!

“Funky Chicken” photo – appears to be at a stand-off with a Chokecherry Festival attendee…(I love the magic of capturing a simple photo when it transforms into modern art!)

Antique art, when you least expect it, on the streets of Lewistown, Montana.

Local “beanie” vendor.

Loved this bag – called “The Montana.” {Note, had a funny exchange with the owner of the booth. Apparently “The Rebel” makes people nervous, and I was asked if these images were for “my private use.” Immediately I presented a business card, revealing the blog, and it seemed to smooth things over. The proprietor was concerned I was going to “steal her designs” – which is a huge compliment, but obviously, she has no clue regarding my non-existent sewing-felting ability.}

For more information on Barefoot Beading and Bags, contact BarefootBeading@bresnan.net

Another lovely booth – and super creative ideas – The Little Podunk Store. My favorite find here, not only the items for sale – The Redneck Wine Glass (shown in photo – a ball jar on a pedestal with lid and straw) – but the lovely pieces of display art (which are sadly, not for sale!) Proprietor – Charity Beaman – is a charming, creative gal after my own heart, who shared with me, when building the displays she tries to “keep the fixtures intact.” *LOVE*

Follow the arrow to the “Red Neck Big Gulp!” So fun!!!!

…next stop…”What The Hay” in quaint Hobson, Montana…

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2 thoughts on “What The Heck is a Chokecherry??”

  1. I love chokecherry jam. I’ve asked my parents to pick some up on their way home from Seattle…we have found it in Wyo where my brother lives. Love it!

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