Separate but Equal

Marriage and togetherness is a wonderful combination. Sharing every waking moment with the one you love. Every moment in each other’s company is akin to falling deeper into the abyss of oneness. Life (and love) just doesn’t get any better. Right?

Not necessarily…

Perhaps newly married peeps cannot fathom separate anything. Yet, as a happily married person for going on two decades, I can affirmatively say, separate on occasion is what makes all the togetherness remotely tolerable.

Case in point – separate but equal vacations.

Next week, Sexy Hubby will be out searching the whiles of Montana with like-minded individuals who would spend their last dollar to attain trophy antlers.

His idea of a perfect (separate but equal) vacation:


And while he is there, sleeping in a wall tent, riding a quad all over the wilderness in search of the mighty elk, not showering and peeing in the woods (a place I never want to be. Ever.)

I’ll be here, with a few of my life-long besties…



…and lounging poolside with a drink in hand…

I am positive I don’t need further proof to support the hypothesis that separate but equal vacations are indeed the KEY to a successful and life-long marriage.

I am living proof.

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2 thoughts on “Separate but Equal”

  1. I’ll take your separate but equal vacation, thank you very much. Equal is in the eye of the beholder… obviously! Have fun!

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