YNP (+ Rocco + Me)

Editor’s Note: Sadly, I’ve fallen off the “blogging bandwagon” and can barely keep up with my television addiction to find enough creative time to spend here, within the pages of my beloved Authentic Life.

It’s not that I don’t miss you, my gentle readers, but since our youngest has graduated from high school, and is on his way to discovering new horizons, I have found more time on my hands than I know with which to do.

I spend much time walking Rocco, feeding Rocco, playing ball with Rocco, and in general jumping through any hoop Rocco demands. Other than that, which consumes my day, my lack of posts and general creative prowess lies solely upon my own shoulders. Honestly, the daily blogging break has proven a good thing. I needed to clear my head. Totally unwind, be bound by nothing. 

This post was scribed many weeks ago, and only tonight, while at dinner with some girlfriends, when a friend mentioned the blog – this blog – I thought, I better dust off my keyboard, and wipe away the cobwebs in my brain and get back to what makes me feel complete. And accomplished. Even if it’s a tiny, insignificant blog post amidst the massive world of Internet greatness, this post is my contribution to summer and Yellowstone Park – two of my favorite things.

It’s good to reconnect. I hope to more often – and hope is a wonderful thing…

Yesterday, we took our inaugural trip to Yellowstone Park.

It was a bee-a-uu-tiful day – and one that prove, summer has arrived.

This was also a first – Rocco’s first time in the park. He loved it (car rides make him very sleepy!) but he was unsure of the large creatures he spied out the window. Oh, he barked plenty, but they didn’t seem to take notice.

Enjoy the visual escape to Yellowstone National Park…

YNP Rocco and me

elk in velvet Yellowstone

A beauty in velvet…

Lamar Valley Yellowstone National Park Buffalo Bison

Bison calf Buffalo Baby Yellowstone Park

I love the babies!

Rocco in the car

Rocco doesn’t seem to care about the babies…

Bear Jam Yellowstone Park

Inevitably, the biggest “jams” are “bear jams” – and this is no exception. All this fuss for an itty, bitty black bear.

(Follow the arrow to black speck…)

Walking Rocco in Yellowstone

Yellowstone Wild Flowers

Early summer is prime wild-flower viewing time! This day was loaded with wild treasures.

Baby white flowers

wild flowers in yellowstone national park

wild flowers in yellowstone national park

rocco standing

Seems something got Rocco’s attention. This is what I refer to as his “bear cub stance” – he stands to get a better view!

white flower

buffalo traffic jam yellowstone national park

A trip to Yellowstone is not complete without a bison traffic jam. This “jam” seemed to intrigue all occupants of the car, and I do mean ALL…

rocco looking at bison

buffalo jam yellowstone


…ain’t this the cutest “wild” face you’ve ever seen??


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