Where Does The Time Go? I Know Where!

My child is now an adult (perhaps only in the eyes of the law,) and Sunday he walked across the podium and received his diploma, noting his school career has officially come to an end, college notwithstanding.

He is the very last little chick in the proverbial family nest. For the most part, he’s been particularly easy and . . . → Read More: Where Does The Time Go? I Know Where!

The Complexities of Life and Death

A heavy sigh greets me this Friday. So many thoughts swirling, suffice to say, death seems to be a recurring theme this week. So far, I’ve heard of the passing of two people with whom I have known remotely. They both lived long, productive and healthy lives, which makes their departure less shocking, but . . . → Read More: The Complexities of Life and Death

Prom Night 2013

I’ve dreamt of this day. For years and years.

The day when the first male in our family would step into history.

The history of attending his Senior Prom. (Quick back story for the few who may not know: Sexy Hubby did not attend his prom, and my older step-son did not attend his prom. If I could . . . → Read More: Prom Night 2013

Another Epiphany? No Fooling

Isn’t it ironic that after not crafting a blog post for nearly 45 days, that a new post should appear on national All Fools Day?

I thought so, too.

Where have I been hiding for the past few months, you wonder? (Or not!) Not anywhere ultra-fantastic (although I did take respite in the desert sun for a few days, while tagging along with . . . → Read More: Another Epiphany? No Fooling

What Valentine’s Day Means To Me

{Editor’s note: Valentine’s day – a day filled with roses, gooey chocolate and long, passionate kisses.

Or not.

As in my case, once again, Sexy Hubby and I are apart on Valentine’s Day. I guess sloppy puppy kisses will be a close second!

Wishing love to all today.}


This is a . . . → Read More: What Valentine’s Day Means To Me

Parenting Puppy Panic

As I sit to craft this post, I automatically let out a heavy sigh. And once I share the story, you’ll understand why.

Rewind to last Saturday.

I was in Northern California with my husband (a work event) and decided we would stop in San Francisco – the city of my birth – and . . . → Read More: Parenting Puppy Panic

The Season of “Senioritis”

It’s official.

To everything, there is a season. And the seasons have recently shifted. Only this “season” won’t be named on any calendar sold in a nationally advertised office supply store, or labeled by a lunar moon. This season is unofficial and will only be found in teenagers with an impending high school . . . → Read More: The Season of “Senioritis”

Time Really Does Heal…

It’s no secret that my memory ain’t what it used to be. In fact, if it weren’t for copious notes (and calendars and blog posts) I’m not sure I would remember my own address!

Memories and time are like Jekyll and Hyde – both nebulous and mysterious while at the same time, bold and shocking.

Memories and time – . . . → Read More: Time Really Does Heal…

Got Trust?

The funniest part of parenting (in my humble estimation) is when your child discovers something for the first time, and tells you about it, like you’ve never heard it before.

Case in point: The movie “Good Morning Vietnam” starring Robin Williams.

My son saw this movie awhile back, and thought parts of it were hysterical, calling me over to watch . . . → Read More: Got Trust?

The Senior Countdown Continues…SAY CHEESE!!!

Photo: Circa 2001, when my son actually liked me and didn’t mind his photo taken.

I’m a planner.

I like things done well in advance – in some cases, crazy-advance – it’s because I know myself. I know, if I wait to the last-minute for anything, panic takes over, and all is lost.

I began negotiations for . . . → Read More: The Senior Countdown Continues…SAY CHEESE!!!

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