What Would YOU do??

A debate has been raised in my household, and I’m wondering how you would weigh in on this subject?

Back story: 

While in the check-out aisle at Wal-Mart last night, an unkempt older man dressed in stained khaki coveralls and an old knit-cap, approached Sexy Hubby and said, “Excuse me, but can you give me a ride home.”

Without . . . → Read More: What Would YOU do??

One Year Later: When “As Is” Is the Only Door

One year ago today, we experienced a loss so deep, so tragic, and so jolting, I’m not sure we thought we would ever move beyond the shock, pain and lingering question of “how could this possibly happen?”  In the twelve months since this tragic day, I believe we’ve learned a few things. . . . → Read More: One Year Later: When “As Is” Is the Only Door

How Do You Wish To Be Remembered??


Editor’s Note:

What a hollow day.

As we all have witnessed the devastation of school children in a small town in southern Connecticut, we feel helpless. Hopeless. As though our world is shattering all around us. 

What’s happening to us as a society? Is this how we treat one another? 

It’s easy to go to an ugly place – . . . → Read More: How Do You Wish To Be Remembered??

Who Doesn’t LOVE a Tea Party?

{Editor’s Note: There are so many fabulous annual events in Bozeman, it’s hard to pick a favorite. But I can authentically say, the Christmas Tea, hosted by the lovely folks from Friends of the Story Mansion ranks in the Top Ten. Maybe it reminds me of tea parties from years gone by, or the fact I . . . → Read More: Who Doesn’t LOVE a Tea Party?

I Go Back…

{Editor’s Note: Begins with a heavy sigh. Hard to imagine it’s been 12 long years without our friend. Time is a funny thing. Not only does it provide distance, but it makes it hard to believe – even remember – the times we had. Voices turn to whispers in our mind, and for that, we could . . . → Read More: I Go Back…

Posing Poolside

We are funny creatures.

We are unique.

We are each beautiful in the way that makes us “us” yet, when others stop to observe our unique beauty – we squawk. We say, “Don’t use that photo! Look at my fat this or my funky that.”

You know why we are so funny?

Because that funkiness is what makes us so awesome!

(Side . . . → Read More: Posing Poolside

Annual Girlz Weekend – Take One

Upon the eve of our 40th birthdays – girls I’ve known since I was an early teen decided to create an annual weekend event – a girls only celebration.

Five years in – and the single idea has turned into a tradition of which we all look forward to every summer.

Each year . . . → Read More: Annual Girlz Weekend – Take One

The Attraction is Obvious

{Editor’s note: For the past two weeks, I have been laboriously preparing for our annual company meeting held in lovely Sonoma, California.

I wanted to make a shining impression so I did all my homework, studied untold amounts of data and created several presentations to share with our company heads – the owner, the general manager, chief operation . . . → Read More: The Attraction is Obvious

What to Wear (to #BlogHer12) Without Looking Like A “Good Time Charlie!”

Wife of a Dairyman and Yours Truly (An Authentic Life!) California Raisin Party BlogHer11

It’s getting to be that time again. The time of year when bloggers from every corner of the globe converge in one location for a few days of brainstorming, boogieing, and of course, building fodder for blogs!

This is also the time when bloggers . . . → Read More: What to Wear (to #BlogHer12) Without Looking Like A “Good Time Charlie!”

Favored Sunday Shots

I’m about to state the obvious.

I’m a shameless shutterbug.

One of the most challenging issues of being labeled as such is I deal with a plethora of images in an attempt to review, categorize, edit and enhance each and every shot with unbridled creative passion. The biggest surprise of all is when I discover a true masterpiece hidden . . . → Read More: Favored Sunday Shots

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