7 Lessons From The Puppy

Want to spice up your life?

Want to stretch yourself?

Want to grow, expand and push yourself to the ends of the earth?

I have one answer.

Three little words.

Get. A. Puppy.

We are embarking upon our first month with our newest family member, and I can say, it reminds me of all the reasons I am glad I do not . . . → Read More: 7 Lessons From The Puppy

In Other News, It’s Super Bowl Weekend

(Editor’s note: This post was featured last year on BlogHer.com She vs. Her in support of the Super Bowl. With the “Giant” Gridiron match-up this weekend, seems appropriate to re-post, even though I’m not certain I will be watching. I’m not a fan of Brady and the Pats, and am not sure I could stomach them winning. Yep, I . . . → Read More: In Other News, It’s Super Bowl Weekend

Just Win Baby…

To the man who initially fostered football’s “Committment to Excellence,” you leave behind a legacy of trailblazing new schemes, a fair amount of wonder and controversy, three Vince Lombardi trophies and a sea of Silver & Black fans.

Today’s post is in your honor.

God Bless You Al Davis.

And God Bless the Raiders.


. . . → Read More: Just Win Baby…

A Trailer Treasure & Hollyhocks

October is just around the corner, which brings Halloween to the horizon.

With that in mind, and due to my latest television obsession, I went on a mission to locate “Mad Men” style clothing today (and I’ll share that discovery with you later.) In the meantime (and in the parking lot) I discovered this – a trailer . . . → Read More: A Trailer Treasure & Hollyhocks

Second Love of My Life

…actually the third, after Sexy Hubby (#1) and the entire Oakland Raiders Football team (#2)…there’s him…

…there’s simply nothing else to say…

. . . → Read More: Second Love of My Life

My Favorite Country Crooner

Tonight, I’m having an affair.

An affair with my most favorite country crooner – Gary Allan. {Deep, breathy sigh!}

(Oh, relax people, I’ve got Sexy Hubby’s permission!!)

Last time we met, he sang this song JUST FOR ME – “She’s So California!”

{Palm trees? Not exactly a tree we have growing freely in the Treasure State. Must have been the . . . → Read More: My Favorite Country Crooner

Thank You, Synchronicity

I was blind-sided by an unwarranted note of negativity earlier today. Immediately, I sought refuge with a few gentle words from Pocketful of Miracles, by Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.

September 14

If possible, go for a mindful walk today.

Invoke the presence of your guardian angel to walk with you.

When you’re done walking, sit quietly, and thank . . . → Read More: Thank You, Synchronicity

A Look Back ~ An Authentic Life on BlogHer ~ She Vs. Her

(Editors note: Since I am in transit today to San Diego for the annual BlogHer conference, I pulled a few posts from the archives. I chose this post in honor of the National Football League moving forward with the 2011-2012 season – finally. This is the full excerpt of the column written for BlogHer.com She vs. Her. Catch . . . → Read More: A Look Back ~ An Authentic Life on BlogHer ~ She Vs. Her

Lazy Hazy Dayz Prior to BlogHer Madness

It’s Friday night.

And for once, I’m home alone. Blissfully alone, save my old dog, but he doesn’t pester me whining, “What’s for dinner?”

Sexy Hubby is out wrestling hoards of wild trout with his bare hands and “The Junior” took my car to work. He “lost his keys” – which I found buried under a heaping wad . . . → Read More: Lazy Hazy Dayz Prior to BlogHer Madness

I Can Shoot That Sunset in 17 Shots

What’s the best part of a beachy vacation?

The sunsets.

And who doesn’t love a sunset? They are peaceful, beautiful, romantic, mysterious, and breathtaking – all at the same time.

Today’s post features the one sunset I captured from stem to stern while vacationing on the Gulf shores of Florida.

{Editor’s Note: The initial sunset photos included “The Junior” as . . . → Read More: I Can Shoot That Sunset in 17 Shots

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