What Valentine’s Day Means To Me

{Editor’s note: Valentine’s day – a day filled with roses, gooey chocolate and long, passionate kisses.

Or not.

As in my case, once again, Sexy Hubby and I are apart on Valentine’s Day. I guess sloppy puppy kisses will be a close second!

Wishing love to all today.}


This is a . . . → Read More: What Valentine’s Day Means To Me

Separate but Equal

Marriage and togetherness is a wonderful combination. Sharing every waking moment with the one you love. Every moment in each other’s company is akin to falling deeper into the abyss of oneness. Life (and love) just doesn’t get any better. Right?

Not necessarily…

Perhaps newly married peeps cannot fathom separate anything. Yet, as a happily married person for . . . → Read More: Separate but Equal

Loving Remix

Editor’s Note: Happy summer gentle readers! I have not forgotten you or these blog pages, but when the weather beckons, who am I to decline??

Anyway, this post was written last June after my nephew married his charming bride. Weddings always stir emotional feelings of love and admiration, leaving me starry-eyed and swooning over my groom . . . → Read More: Loving Remix

Marital Bliss and Electronics

Thankfully, I can “authentically” say, after 18.5 years of wedded bliss, fights rarely ensue in my house.

Except when electronics don’t work.

While I was away on my last business trip, Sexy Hubby “surprised” me with a large screen (which is really awesome) and a gadget (he’s a gadget guy) that switches from my work laptop to my . . . → Read More: Marital Bliss and Electronics

End of a Holiday Era

Editor’s Note: Last year, I made this decision, yet I was concerned if I would regret it. Guess what? Not a regret to be found, only freedom. And sweet liberation. Only 7 shopping days left, Gentle Readers…

Over the years, most especially during the holiday season, I’ve done more than my fair share to support Uncle Sam and . . . → Read More: End of a Holiday Era

From Christmas Past

Editor’s Note: This is one of my favorite posts from last winter. Maybe because I love Florida. Or maybe because I love being warm.  Or maybe, I just need a change of scenery. Enjoy, gentle readers. 

A few summers ago while vacationing in Florida, Sexy Hubby wanted to take a side trip.

A side trip to his past . . . → Read More: From Christmas Past

Honoring American Veterans

On May 13, 1938, the 11th of November in each year was deemed a legal holiday—a day to be dedicated to the cause of world peace and to be thereafter celebrated and known as “Armistice Day.”

Armistice Day was primarily a day set aside to honor veterans of World War I, but in . . . → Read More: Honoring American Veterans

The Long And Winding Road…

…that leads to today.

Today, Sexy Hubby and I honor a man whom we lost 11 years ago.

Our Best Man.

A man who was with us from the very beginning of our story.

A man that made us laugh, and easily brought a smile to our face.

If you knew this man, you’d loved him.

It was hard not to.

Seems odd . . . → Read More: The Long And Winding Road…

Re-Cycled Hunting Post “Out the Laundry Room Window”

(Editor’s Note: It’s hunting season here in the great state of Montana, and this is the most epic hunting story I’ve ever heard! Also, knowing some of my gentle readers – mainly my California peeps – have expressed concern over photos of dead animals, be warned, this blog post contains photos of dead animals. Those with . . . → Read More: Re-Cycled Hunting Post “Out the Laundry Room Window”

The Power of Words

{Editor’s Note: In preparation for a long, holiday weekend, and the fact my creativity is “used up” today, I am recycling a post from last year. It’s one of my favorites. Enjoy!}

My Relaxed Mode

As a writer, it goes without saying, I adore words.

Without them, I’d be a blank canvas. A breathless poem. And endless sea . . . → Read More: The Power of Words

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