Football MSU-Style ~ It’s “Cat”-tagious!

It’s almost that time.

Bobcat Football Time.

Season opener is Thursday, under the lights, at Bobcat Stadium. Kick-off at 7pm (and guess who got an invitation to attend this SOLD-OUT event?? Oh, yeah!!)

The photos below are from seasons past, but the perfect motivation to prepare for a new season of Bobcat Football!

Who says football is a beastly sport . . . → Read More: Football MSU-Style ~ It’s “Cat”-tagious!

Wait – That’s MY Spot!

The spot.

Our spot.

Our comfy spot.

We all have them. Certain spots that we claim as our own. Even Sheldon from “The Big Bang Theory” refuses to sit anywhere other than “his spot.”

While visiting Yellowstone National Park some weeks back, I was fortunate enough to get a close up of a beast claiming “his spot” – his comfy . . . → Read More: Wait – That’s MY Spot!

Sunday Snapshot – Fit For a Princess

Today is Sunday, and I nearly forgot (read=lazy, took a long nap!) to post my #Photo of the Day.

Here she is.

And since you can’t hear her sweet, darling little voice, trust me when I say, she is indeed a princess in the making.

. . . → Read More: Sunday Snapshot – Fit For a Princess

Favored Sunday Shots

I’m about to state the obvious.

I’m a shameless shutterbug.

One of the most challenging issues of being labeled as such is I deal with a plethora of images in an attempt to review, categorize, edit and enhance each and every shot with unbridled creative passion. The biggest surprise of all is when I discover a true masterpiece hidden . . . → Read More: Favored Sunday Shots

Sunday Snapshots

I love summer Sunday’s in southwest Montana. Mother Nature is playing nice (except for some wind that is unnecessary) and we are in the throes of lovely sunny, warm and fresh live-your-life today, days.

Today’s photo was taken at the Chapel of the Transfiguration outside Jackson, Wyoming, Grand Teton National Park. Built in 1925, the church serves the . . . → Read More: Sunday Snapshots

Sunday Snapshots

We live one hour from the north gate of Yellowstone National Park.

Close enough to make day trips, yet we rarely do. This weekend however, since Sexy Hubby needed to be in Jackson, Wyoming for work, we thought what a great opportunity to drive through not only Yellowstone Park, but also Grand Teton National Park, in route . . . → Read More: Sunday Snapshots

Sunday Shadows

While in the desert Southwest recently, it goes without saying, I was shooting scenery (yet, hold onto your hats, the following photos were taken without the watchful eye of the Rebel, but instead through the view-finder of the iPhone!)

I love shadows.

I love chandeliers (or lanterns as is the case).

Seems I captured the best of both.

. . . → Read More: Sunday Shadows

Sopping Sunday Snapshot

During my recent week in the Golden State, I was hoping for pristine spring-like California weather.

Only, I didn’t get what I ordered.

Instead, I happened upon the two-weeks of winter – and rain – buckets and buckets of rain…

While wine tasting with some high school girl-friends, even in the rain, I decided to stop and smell the tulips.

They . . . → Read More: Sopping Sunday Snapshot

Sparkling Sunday Snapshot


It comes in all forms, and all colors. And all flavors.

This shot was captured at Ram’s Gate Winery in Sonoma, California, from the tasting room overlooking the wetlands.

It was a quick shot, as in order to take it, I had to put down the object previously occupying my hand.

A fragile fluted glass of delicious, sparkling, glorious wine.

. . . → Read More: Sparkling Sunday Snapshot

Sunday Snapshot

Every time I say I’m going to do something on a regular basis, I fail to follow through. Yes, I am undisciplined, which is not something to be proud of, yet I’m comfortable enough within my own skin to admit it to you – my blog friend.

Yet, it seems a reasonable and “easy like Sunday morning” . . . → Read More: Sunday Snapshot

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