The Quest for New Air

Home is where the heart is. Or so they say.

Yet, sometimes, the heart yearns for new horizons. New places that sing to the soul, chiming into some deep channel of a life past lived and reconnecting to journeys that began many centuries ago.

I must admit, I’m envious of people who . . . → Read More: The Quest for New Air

Bathing Beauty

Editor’s Note: Boy, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted within this white space. It feels good to be back. Where did I go? Nowhere special. Just enjoying my days in a Willy-Nilly sort of fashion. I’ve been without full time work since January – but rather have been doing freelance and contract work, but all the . . . → Read More: Bathing Beauty


Editor’s Note: It’s graduation week, a few days before guests arrive, and tassels dance from one side of the mortar board to the other. I’m already exhausted, and not feeling 100%. (Went to see the doc, and there is nothing “wrong” with me, other than perhaps I have a severe case of “Senioritis!”) As I contemplate all . . . → Read More: I Need To Be HERE RIGHT NOW!

Dream List 2013 = Blog Post #700

Welcome 2013 

2013 – I’m happy to meet you, and hope we have a wonderful 365 days together. I aim to make the most of the days, living them happily and with vigor and appreciation. (And to welcome the new year, this marks An Authentic Life’s 700th blog post!)

Day #1 of 2013 and big changes have already . . . → Read More: Dream List 2013 = Blog Post #700

Puppy’s Day Out

Today was a lovely winter day in Southwest Montana (and Eastern Idaho) – and it was our puppy’s first big day out.

Not only was it Rocco’s first long car ride, first trip to the edge of Yellowstone National Park, and his first time in the fine state of Idaho – but he also met friends visiting . . . → Read More: Puppy’s Day Out

Lovely Boutique in Salt Lake City

Editor’s Note: I’ve gotten to a stage where peeps I’ve blogged about in the past, are now asking me to do it again, or update information, links or promote an upcoming event. 
I take that as a huge compliment. 
The fine folks at Bohme Boutique in Salt Lake City recently did the same thing. So here is the . . . → Read More: Lovely Boutique in Salt Lake City

Life’s A Beach


What a weekend.

Today, I’m in restore mode – which is a perfect time to share. Prior to arriving in Southern California, I had a few visions in my mind of beach shots I wanted to capture.

Take a look. They turned out splendidly.


. . . → Read More: Life’s A Beach

Separate but Equal

Marriage and togetherness is a wonderful combination. Sharing every waking moment with the one you love. Every moment in each other’s company is akin to falling deeper into the abyss of oneness. Life (and love) just doesn’t get any better. Right?

Not necessarily…

Perhaps newly married peeps cannot fathom separate anything. Yet, as a happily married person for . . . → Read More: Separate but Equal

View I NEED today…

Ever get the suffocating feeling that only a vacation can cure? Oh, do I ever have it now, and we don’t have a real vacation on the books until mid-2013. Wonder if I’ll make it that long? 

In the meantime, I’m taking a look back to a trip to Maui – granted it was a work trip, . . . → Read More: View I NEED today…

What The Heck is a Chokecherry??

Prior to moving to Montana, I clearly admit, I’d never even heard of a chokecherry. What the …? Why would you want to ingest something that includes the word “choke” in the title?

What is a chokecherry, you ask?
choke·cher·ry/ˈCHōkˌCHerē/ – a North American cherry (Prunus virginiana) with an edible astringent fruit that is more palatable . . . → Read More: What The Heck is a Chokecherry??

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