Welcome to Puppydom

It’s been over 15 years since we last had a puppy – that’s over a century in dog years!

Upon deciding to add a new little ball of fur to our family, I began the quest to obtain puppy knowledge. What the heck was I going to do with this new wagging-pack member? How would I train him? . . . → Read More: Welcome to Puppydom

Lovely Boutique in Salt Lake City

Editor’s Note: I’ve gotten to a stage where peeps I’ve blogged about in the past, are now asking me to do it again, or update information, links or promote an upcoming event. 
I take that as a huge compliment. 
The fine folks at Bohme Boutique in Salt Lake City recently did the same thing. So here is the . . . → Read More: Lovely Boutique in Salt Lake City

From 2001 {Kindergarten} to 2012 {Senior Year}

When my son started Kindergarten, I did the mental calculation to determine what year he would graduate from high school. It would be the spring of 2013.


Damn, that felt like an eon and a day away.

Until now.

Today, my son – now deemed “The Senior” – begins the final walk in the short march toward high . . . → Read More: From 2001 {Kindergarten} to 2012 {Senior Year}

Football MSU-Style ~ It’s “Cat”-tagious!

It’s almost that time.

Bobcat Football Time.

Season opener is Thursday, under the lights, at Bobcat Stadium. Kick-off at 7pm (and guess who got an invitation to attend this SOLD-OUT event?? Oh, yeah!!)

The photos below are from seasons past, but the perfect motivation to prepare for a new season of Bobcat Football!

Who says football is a beastly sport . . . → Read More: Football MSU-Style ~ It’s “Cat”-tagious!

A Walk Through Petaluma, California

Editor’s Note: Today is a BIG day for my hometown. The little league boys of summer are playing for the title in the U.S National championship. This is big stuff for a small town. And as anyone from a small town knows, it doesn’t matter how far you roam, there’s no tug like the first place . . . → Read More: A Walk Through Petaluma, California

Shame On Me Moment

I’m not sure exactly the moment when we turned into such an impatient lot, but we don’t like to wait, be delayed, or otherwise detoured in the slightest.

We get frustrated with lines for the toilet, stop lights and God help you if you leave your ginormous CostCo cart unattended to grab a free snack. {As I harken . . . → Read More: Shame On Me Moment

Love Montana? Won’t You Vote For Mountain Majesty?

An Authentic Life has been invited to be Montana’s Ambassador for the Better Homes & Gardens’ State Fragrance Contest – promoting Scented Wax Warmers and Cubes sold at Walmart.

This one is big!

I’m so excited to announce An Authentic Life is the Ambassador to Montana and the creation of our state fragrance – Enchanted Evening Walk . . . → Read More: Love Montana? Won’t You Vote For Mountain Majesty?

Attending Your First #BlogHer’12 Conference? Above All Else, Remember to Breathe!

Editor’s Note: Last summer I attended my first blogging conference at BlogHer’11 in sunny San Diego. This was the post I wrote prior to attending. For all the pomp and circumstance that builds prior to a BlogHer conference, for those that are attending for the first time – all I can offer is this . . . → Read More: Attending Your First #BlogHer’12 Conference? Above All Else, Remember to Breathe!

Sunday Snapshot – Fit For a Princess

Today is Sunday, and I nearly forgot (read=lazy, took a long nap!) to post my #Photo of the Day.

Here she is.

And since you can’t hear her sweet, darling little voice, trust me when I say, she is indeed a princess in the making.

. . . → Read More: Sunday Snapshot – Fit For a Princess

Loving Remix

Editor’s Note: Happy summer gentle readers! I have not forgotten you or these blog pages, but when the weather beckons, who am I to decline??

Anyway, this post was written last June after my nephew married his charming bride. Weddings always stir emotional feelings of love and admiration, leaving me starry-eyed and swooning over my groom . . . → Read More: Loving Remix

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