Newborn Nirvana

From my various posts this week, you all know how I was feeling kid-starved.

Imagine my bliss – I got to visit (and hold) a newborn today!!

My friend Gen became a mommy for the first time yesterday. And today, I was in newborn nirvana.

Take a peek…

Little Sophia in the hands of her . . . → Read More: Newborn Nirvana

Week in Review

We had our monthly “Ladies Night” this week.

Honestly, I am so glad to be associated with these gals – all former colleagues that choose to keep in touch, which has been a blessing for me personally.

{Not to mention the fact, when Ladies Night happens to be at my friend Bethie’s home, she always cooks something super-duper fabulous, proclaiming, “It’s . . . → Read More: Week in Review

Decorating the Fall Table, Montana Style

I love decorating, and re-arranging decor items around the house. Sexy Hubby calls it “Fiddle Farting” around. Only he doesn’t use the word “farting.”

I take it as a compliment.

I have a few upcoming events and was testing my table arrangements.

Please note, gentle readers, I purchased NOTHING for this display. Instead, I picked some stems from the . . . → Read More: Decorating the Fall Table, Montana Style

Work from Home vs Outside the Home Moms

Train tracks – Napa Valley, California

(Forgive the repost, I am in Raider heaven after a 59-14 pummeling of the Denver Broncos yesterday. I was woozy and simply could not focus on blog material last night! )

We are in the process of hiring a part-time coordinator/sales assistant at my office – and we have been through a . . . → Read More: Work from Home vs Outside the Home Moms

A Girl and A Camera

The year was 1983.

A Private First Class in the United States Army was stationed in Korea for 13 months. While overseas, the soldier saved his salary for three months – akin to a king’s ransom – and for what felt like an eternity.

He was saving to purchase a gift for a friend back home.

The gift was a camera – . . . → Read More: A Girl and A Camera

Welcome to An Authentic Life

Authentic posts are made daily, whenever possible, although I have come to learn that balance is a healthy and necessary part of living authentically.

{Besides, an occasional day off keeps the laundry and dust-bunnies at bay. And, Sexy Hubby appreciates a home-cooked meal every now and then.}

What does it mean to “Live An Authentic Life?”

Only . . . → Read More: Welcome to An Authentic Life

Oh Pumpkin Seed, Oh Pumpkin Seed…


It all began with a tiny little craving. 

My favorite wine bar in town (Plonk) often has pumpkin seeds as a condiment to accompany the cheese board. 

And, as you know, the cheese doesn’t like to stand alone. 

With pumpkins a’ plenty in the markets currently, this was the perfect time for said craving. 

I thought I would try my hand at . . . → Read More: Oh Pumpkin Seed, Oh Pumpkin Seed…

First Comes Love

I am still awe-struck by the impact of young love.

In a good way. Even at my age.

Recently, my nephew and his girlfriend got engaged. I have never met the bride-to-be, but have heard exceptional things about her. I must say, if she is as kind, and good-natured as my nephew, they will have many happy years between them.

Gazing at the young couples’ . . . → Read More: First Comes Love

The Various Roles of Women

As women, we are many things.

We play many roles.

We wear many hats.

First and foremost, we are daughters – the initial relationship we formulated.

Sometimes, we become sisters.

My Sister & Me

As we flourish and evolve and connect with other girls – just like us – we . . . → Read More: The Various Roles of Women

The Blogging Journey – Part 3

Path to Success

Welcome to The Blogging Journey – Part 3.

To recap The Blogging Journey Part 1 – CLICK HERE or The Blogging Journey Part 2 – CLICK HERE


It strikes without warning.

And it struck me today, while driving to my “day job.”


Lately, I feel as though I am “wallowing” my way through life.

When I say “wallow” I don’t . . . → Read More: The Blogging Journey – Part 3

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