Enjoy Today (For Weather, It’s A Changin’)

Editor’s Note: Autumn is greeting us now – and it’s so refreshing! We’ve had such a lovely (albeit heavily smoke-laced) fall…but shit’s comin’. Literally. Today and tomorrow are high 70’s – then (que ominous music) the Canadians are imposing a storm-front upon us.

Must enjoy the goods while here.

Happy Autumn, gentle readers, wherever you call home. 

Early on a Sunday morning, I swung my legs over the edge of the bed and ambled toward the window, wondering what sort of day would greet me. As I gently pulled back the shades, I was relieved to notice a semi-clear day – white and grey clouds laced against the vibrant azure Big Sky.

I was giddy with photographic excitement.

The window of opportunity was already beginning to close on autumn, and today might be my last chance to capture the wild yellows of the deteriorating leaves popping against the cobalt skies.

I grabbed the Rebel, and off we went.

It was beyond gorgeous outside, albeit the wind was moving with gusto, the ability to witness these colors in person was well worth getting blown over.

Editor’s Note: Most of these photos are “as is” – very few were light adjusted but the color of that incredible “dreamy” blue is 100% authentic Montana. 

Looking south to the Spanish Peaks
Autumn Aspens in Montana
Can you find the White Tail deer?

The unbelievably gorgeous cerulean blue skies of Montana
Big Skies glowing in Bobcat blue and gold


I love, love, love this little lone leaf.

{Yes, I was sprawled face-down on the cement for this shot. No, I didn’t touch/stage a thing. This shot was waiting for someone to capture it. Someone silly like me.}

These photos were taken in my humble, little neighborhood.

Imagine the untold scenic beauty beyond the Meadow Creek sub-division…

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