Due to my lack of planning (i.e., ignoring several local flu-shot stations) I spent most of the week in bed. Not only was I illin’ and bored to tears, but my back was killing me from non-stop horizontal positioning.

Alas, today was different.

Today, I was actually able to stand (and not fall over) and when I pulled back the curtains, I was happily greeted with blue-bird skies and an incredible array of foliage colors. I got inspired for the first time all week. I dressed haphazardly, grabbed the Rebel and walked briskly to the end of the block.

It was well work the walk. (And no, these photos were NOT color enhanced. View them and weep, peeps. Yep, this is what we get in Montana in October.)

Autumn Self-Portrait

While I was out snapping away – I was met by the Bridger Ski Foundation members who were out for an early morning practice session. Stretching before the snow flies. Dragon, these photos are for you!

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