Creating A New Year’s Prediction Bottle

Editor’s Note: Oh, how I love champagne. And oh, how I love any excuse to drink more of it!

With a brand new year lurking very near on the horizon, I wanted to share a tradition with you. And one that we create every New Year’s Eve – and one so simple, I invite you to do it as well – create a New Year’s Prediction Bottle. 

How to Create a New Year’s Eve “Prediction Bottle.”

Simple stated, grab any used Champagne or wine bottle. Rinse with water. Shake dry as best you can (for the inside.) Roll up a napkin and drop in the bottle to absorb excess water. Wait 10 minutes.

In the meantime, have paper and pens for whomever is participating in your “Prediction Bottle.”

Have guests write their predictions on the paper, roll up tight, kiss it (for luck) and drop into the bottle.

If you are fortunate enough to be celebrating with the same crowd year after year, it’s a fun event to break the bottle next New Year’s Eve and randomly have guests read the predictions.

We do this every year and reading the predictions is enlightening, frightening but most often, hysterical.

Sometimes, we even toss the opened (and read) predictions into the next bottle to read again next year.

This bottle is from New Year’s Eve 1999.

It was quite a year.

I had a gold pen and asked all my guests to “autograph” this keepsake bottle. We did not place predictions inside, as I didn’t want to break this bottle.

This one is a keeper.

As in forever and always.

Not only for the fine artwork.

It is one of the last reminders of New Year’s Eve spent with our beloved Dominic.

Well, not really.

See, he wasn’t at the party. And he HATED not being directly in the middle of any wild nights full of unbridled drinking, cavorting, pillaging and debauchery.

He stopped by the next day and wrote this on the bottle:

“It’s not a party without me. Dom.”

Good luck with the 2013 party preparations.

Feel free to share your secrets with us. Post on our Facebook Page – An Authentic Life. 


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