Finally, Some New Decor for the Mantel

Usually, I am pining about using items you already own – or by adding a new piece here or there, you can update your decor look.

Blah, blah, blah.

Guess, I forgot to mention that on occasion, I believe in the school of thought Рout with the old (all of it!) and in with the new.

As I dug through the old holiday decor, I just couldn’t bring myself to embrace the decor that I’ve had for likely more than a decade. Although I do not have the stomach – or patience – for any Black Friday non-sense, I did some shopping yesterday.

Here’s what I got…

I chose all silver pieces, with white accents. I love the new look.

The little bird in the nest was an ornament I’ve had forever and a day. And it matches the new theme. I also already owned the four candlesticks.

The next challenge – the Christmas Tree. The current debate – I am ready to invest in an artificial tree (I know, so unauthentic! But easier care and cleaning.) Sexy Hubby is bucking that idea at every turn.

Christmas Trees ~ From Past to Present

I put up the tree this weekend.

I like to get an early start to enjoy the beauty of the season for as long as possible.

Since we won’t be home for Christmas, I took the cheap, easy and better yet – free – route this year. (Last year’s tree cost $80, and I refuse to pay that price knowing we won’t be opening gifts under its boughs.)

From humble beginnings…

My Favorite Year…Double Christmas Tree Lovin’

…and for the current symbol of Christmas…

Now, a word about stockings.

We own three sets of stockings, and I can’t seem to part with any of them.

Years ago, I bought some plain, canvas stockings at the craft store, along with some glitter pens, fancy ribbon, bells, balls and other random decor pieces and let the kids decorate their own stockings.

Even though I don’t use those stockings anymore to display, they remain a part of our Christmas history.

Here’s what we will use this year – our traditional stockings with initial ornament to denote which stocking belongs to whom…

A final shot to give perspective to the actual size of our Christmas tree for 2011…

I invite you to share images of your 2011 Christmas tree – find and “like”¬†An Authentic Life on Facebook, and upload your photo.

I’ll even send a prize for my favorite!

Ready, set, post!

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