Parade in Perfect Town USA

Don’t mean to brag – 

Don’t mean to boast – 

But our sweet, little town – IS THE MOST!

Bozeman, Montana

I’ve never known a place to have more parades – and yesterday, Main Street was closed – again – in honor of Montana State University’s homecoming celebration.

It was a lovely first day of fall – and the streets were filled with local families and college students and alumni holding Bobcat donned babies of their own.

I love it.

I love being part of this fabulous community – and by the way I cheer and get riled up over the football Bobcats, you’d swear I was an alumni myself!

Bobcat Alum

This was a riot – whatever they were throwing from this truck was worth having…

…hats with Bobcat hair!!!


…these little parade goers aren’t quite sold on the pomp and circumstance…

MSU Homecoming ~ A Look Back

{Editor’s Note: In honor of MSU Homecoming this weekend I’m sharing the post I crafted after last year’s MSU Homecoming Parade. Tomorrow the festivities begin at 10:00am, Main Street, Bozeman, USA – and weather looks to be CAT-tacular – mid 80’s – for October! Yep, we’ll take it! }

Last year during Montana State University’s homecoming parade, it was snowing.

I stayed home.

Yesterday, during Montana State University’s homecoming parade, the weather was epic.

I was there with bells on.

Bozeman Bobcat Saturday
Main Street, Bozeman, USA

I am proud to be a part of this town.

Come see why.

A little Bobcat fan!
Flags gone wild
Main Street, at the ready
USA - as well as Bobcat - Pride

If only the innocent people standing in front of me or beside me or anywhere nearby knew of their eventual photographic demise, they’d probably push me down, and step on the Rebel.

Kids petting dogs

This dog doesn’t appear to be over-joyed with the pat. The “pats” were more like slaps.

Good thing the admirer is cute. And short.

MSU Marching Band, and Champ!
Everybody Loves Champ!
...the winning swagger...
MSU Band

Who doesn’t LOVE the band?

This was the real test of the Rebel, to see how fast I could capture the faces as they literally whizzed by…

MSU Fight Song
Love this guy's face

Digging the sunglasses
Future Bobcat Cheerleader

Where were these skirts when I was young???

Lovely Miss Montana's Outstanding Teen, Amy Fox

Cheer squad rides in style
Sis, boom, ba

One HUGE bonus about the Rebel, people take me seriously. They think I am somebody. They pay attention. They look directly at me and smile.

If only they knew, I’m just a long-tail blogger behind a fancy camera.

Red Hot Rod
More cheerleaders
Dr. Seuss and friends

I love kids. They make no pretenses. Not so sure the friends of Dr. Seuss are too thrilled about being on parade! And then there’s this “Little Thing!”  He could care less about a parade. In fact, he has better things to do with his morning.

What parade??
'Nuther cute Little Thing

This cute Little Thing reminded me of my step-daughter when she was that age!

Oh, the places they’ll go!

And oh, how they grow!

Even the horse noticed the Rebel!
Great old truck
Lovin' the high-kicks

No parade would be complete or nearly worth the hassle without this one thing.


Free treats

Not only do the kids catch the candy, they also toss the treats.

Ready, set...
Lollipop 2, Kid 0
Lollipop 3, Kid 0
Lollipop 4, Kid 0
Bobcat Greeks
Greek Dudes on Parade
School Spirit
Darling Co-Eds on Parade
Athletic Supporters

We even had a few politicians in town for the hoopla. Guessing they don’t want to miss out on the Bobcat fun!

Senator Jon Tester
My favorite float

You know I love all things fashion. And I support Reduce, Reuse, Recycle whenever applicable.

Imagine this! Wearable recyclables!

One question? Where can I purchase the Fall line?

Recycled Fashions
Recycled Couture
From this... this!

No parade is complete without some fun at the expense of our biggest rival – The Grizzlies from Missoula!

Go Cats Go!

It goes without saying, I’ll be present for tomorrow’s parade.

Just me, The Rebel and a steaming cup o’ Joe.

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