It’s Almost That Time Again…

{Editor’s Note: I’m so excited to announce we will be hosting my parents in Montana for Thanksgiving this year – which means, it’s time to start prepping for the big day. Yep, I’ve already begun the turkey-task of taking an inventory of what I have, what I need, and what might be fun to add – just because.

I’m also happy to say, if you ARE  buying something new this year – as I will – the Thanksgiving items are already getting pushed aside for more jolly-themed items, thus, you can get some terrific deals!

Have fun. Be creative.  I invite you to post images of your decor on Authentic Life’s Facebook page. Do share! I get lonely over there without someone to play with!}

Regarding decorating, you’re probably sick of me saying, “Grab what you already have” – yet – it makes for a well-rounded (and FREE) table setting.

Can you tell the weather is beginning to shift in Montana? I’m cooped up, forced to find my own “entertainment.” By the way, this is the third go-round of “table staging” I’ve created, and it’s not even November! (At least I’m not breaking yet another of Sexy Hubby’s “House Rules” – No Christmas decorations until AFTER Thanksgiving. Bah humbug!!)

Antlers on the Thanksgiving day table!!

In your decorating theme, don’t forget the side-board, or buffet…

Proof positive that I will have more than one “turkey” at my Thanksgiving day table.

Perhaps more than two…

I Decorated for Autumn – And Didn’t Spend A Penny!

Here’s the deal.

I love pretty things. Pretty autumnal things. There’s something magical about the shift in weather – leaves change color, curl up, and fall to the ground.

I love bringing those outdoor colors inside.

Sexy Hubby loves it too (only he’s too shy to admit it!) He especially loves the fact that prior to taking over the entire front room, and carting out several totes of holiday offerings, I grabbed my shears and went for a walk.

I came back with an arm-load of branches, berries and an odd-shaped mushroom. And I used them all to decorate for autumn.

And I did it all without spending a single penny.

How to decorate without spending a penny:

  1. Gather seasonal items that you already own. If you MUST buy something, go to the second-hand store, or the craft store.
  2. Grab your shears, or scissors or metal cutters – whatever – and get out in nature (or find some nature) and clip some branches, greens, or berries. Anything goes. Make your own rules. Select items that “speak” to you.
  3. Steal items from other rooms. In this scenario, I grabbed antlers and candles from the living room to use in my “holiday ensemble.”
  4. Layer, layer and layer until you have achieved the desired look.
  5. Throw in a few “surprises!!” You’ll see what I mean…
  6. Add some “nostalgic” pieces. The one I added nearly brought tears to my eyes.
Check out who’s hiding within the “greens!”
Kids will love displays with fun creatures hidden throughout!

  This is my nostalgia piece, crafted when the now “Junior” was a mere 3rd grader.

The real “humor” is – the snowman is hiding behind the pumpkin. And in our world, we pray to NOT see Mr. Snowman before we see Mr. Pumpkin. Yet, it doesn’t always happen that way. Especially in these parts.

This tiny pumpkin was handmade especially for me by a designer friend. Bet she doesn’t think I kept it all these years!

To mix things up, I moved some of the decor items to the side-board and added all the candles I could muster to the dining room table. Sexy Hubby remarked, “It looks like a haunted house.” He just doesn’t understand decor.

Get creative, have fun – and remember the main objective is to use as many pieces that you already have.

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