View I NEED today…

Ever get the suffocating feeling that only a vacation can cure? Oh, do I ever have it now, and we don’t have a real vacation on the books until mid-2013. Wonder if I’ll make it that long? 

In the meantime, I’m taking a look back to a trip to Maui – granted it was a work trip, but with this view, and the feel of the ocean breeze…ahhhh….I’m nearly relaxed at the mere thought…

Today, I’m going back to the Fall of 2010. Back to Maui.

Enjoy, gentle readers…


Sitting at my “desk” I could see the sun beginning to set on the horizon. I grabbed the trusty Canon (my new best friend) and began to run. Literally.

The thing about the Grand Wailea – although it’s the most super-fabulous resort – it’s much like a House of Mirrors – you SEE where you want to go, but cannot get there. Knowing my time was very limited, I was attempting to find the most direct line to the water. I began on the nearest walkway, heading west, and ended at an elevator. I took the elevator down to the 1st floor.

Wrong floor.

Punch the button.


Back into the elevator, this time to Level “G” – ground.

I popped out of that elevator, to the nearest pathway, again racing toward the impending sunset. God bless the elderly couple in front of me, out for an evening stroll. I ducked around them, politely of course, and began trotting…

Trotting, loping, trying not to sprint and looking like a total freak. But, time was ticking.

When I finally rounded the corner, the sight was well worth the hassel.

Stunning, I know
Lovely beyond words

If I were to marry again (only you, Sexy Hubby) or have a grand party, this would be the location I would pick.

It simply took my breath away (which reminds me of something my son said when he was small. We were visiting the Grand Tetons for the first time, and I kept repeating, “It just takes my breath away” and he said later, “Mommy, it makes me not breathe.” Priceless moments.)

Molokini Gardens – Grand Wailea – Maui

And the night ended in the open-air lobby with a Lava Flow…

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