Final Night: Maui

Like all things marvelous, at some point they must end.

After a very successful Radiation Research Society Conference, it was time for the final night event, the quintessential Hawaiian Luau.

(And now, my “easy” blogging days are over, and I must actually begin to WRITE something versus plastering photos. In fact, Sexy Hubby commented to me, “You have a lot of photos on the blog, but not much content.” I told you, I have created a monster. Not only is Sexy Hubby the self-appointed Art Director, but apparently also the Content Editor.)

Enjoy the final night in Maui.

Walk to the luau
Greeting the guests
Our staff (notice the hair!)


Lovely Hawaiian gals
Hunka hunka burning studs
Lovely gals
Swiveling hips

I wish I knew how to move like these gals. They have amazing hips!


Camera can't capture the hips

Even the littlest female was stunned and amazed by the fast-moving hips.

Light my fire

The best part of any luau, the fire dancers.

Swirling fire
Fire feet
Fire in motion
Circles of Fire
Final night sunset
Left my heart in Maui

Talk a Walk with Me

Yesterday was bliss.

It was our first free afternoon since arriving in Maui last week.

Once off duty, we meandered our way to the pool, and within about thirty seconds of plopping down in the nearest lounge chair, my colleague and I were fast asleep………………….

Upon waking some time later, we decided to take a peek at the Four Seasons Resort – the Grand’s most prestigious neighbor.

Take a walk with me, and check the sights.

Keep up...we've got lots to see...
Four Seasons Resort I
Four Seasons II
Four Seasons III
Four Seasons IV
Four Seasons V

Honestly, I didn’t think anything was finer than the Grand Wailea, but the Four Seasons was exquisite.

Walking back to the Grand, I took advantage of an opportunity to shoot the beach. It was a lovely afternoon.

Ocean I
Ocean II
Ocean III
Ocean IV
Ocean V

Happy beach couple
An Authentic Life's a Beach

Note: In yesterday’s post, I tried – and not very successfully (thank you for noticing SP!) – to spell “An Authentic Life” in the sand, but the waves kept erasing it before I could snap a photo.

Second note: If you happen to be reading this post K. Plubell, writing “Authentic Life’s a Beach” reminds me of you. Hearkening back to my days at Petaluma High School when my last name was fodder for all sorts of yucks and laughs.

I fixed the problem by only using An Authentic Life initials. It was much faster, and could actually capture the photo before the tide rolled in, and washed it all away.

Also, with time on my side, I was able to fully capture the sunset last night. And what a scene to behold!

Sunset I
Sunset II
Sunset III
Sunset IV
Sunset V
One last look

Final note regarding hair. I love humidity. And it loves me. Especially my hair.

I have not used a hair dryer since arriving in Maui. This morning, I was running late, and thus, was forced to plug in the dryer and give it a whirl. After a minute, I looked in the mirror. I looked like Barbara Streisand – correction, as my fine readers have pointed out – Bette Midler in The Rose.

Looks like a pony-tail kind of day.

Aloha lovely readers.

A Grand Day

I am fairly certain one never tires of the views of Maui. Especially those around the Grand Wailea. At every turn, and every step, there is a sight to behold.

Moon at sunrise
Another moon view

But this sight I was NOT thrilled about seeing, especially since this is my Internet cable. 

Sneaky little co-worker

After several 10+ hour days, today we get a reprieve and will be off at noon. Make no mistake. This is where I will be spending the remainder of my afternoon…

Pools of paradise
Blue is my new favorite color


Adult only pool...this one has my name on it
Poolside massage service
Swim up bar

Thinking this might be a popular spot for an afternoon Lava Flow.

Cozy reading nook

As a blogger/writer, I am getting off way too easy this week. The views are just too spectacular.

For once, I have nothing to say.

(Thanks SP – I removed the photo and will do another…)


Race to the Horizon

Sitting at my “desk” I could see the sun beginning to set on the horizon. I grabbed the trusty Canon (my new best friend) and began to run. Literally.

The thing about the Grand Wailea – although it’s the most super-fabulous resort – it’s much like a House of Mirrors – you SEE where you want to go, but cannot get there. Knowing my time was very limited, I was attempting to find the most direct line to the water. I began on the nearest walkway, heading west, and ended at an elevator. I took the elevator down to the 1st floor.

Wrong floor.

Punch the button.


Back into the elevator, this time to Level “G” – ground.

I popped out of that elevator, to the nearest pathway, again racing toward the impending sunset. God bless the elderly couple in front of me, out for an evening stroll. I ducked around them, politely of course, and began trotting…

Trotting, loping, trying not to sprint and looking like a total freak. But, time was ticking.

When I finally rounded the corner, the sight was well worth the hassel.

Stunning, I know
Lovely beyond words
Goodbye for another day

We had an evening event last night at the Molokini Gardens. If I were ever to marry again (only to you Sexy Hubby) or have a grand party, this would be the location I would pick.

It simply took my breath away (which reminds me of something my son said when he was small. We were visiting the Grand Tetons for the first time, and I kept repeating, “It just takes my breath away” and he said later, “Mommy, it makes me not breathe.” Priceless moments.)

Welcome reception – Molokini Gardens – Grand Wailea – Maui

And the night ended in the open-air lobby with a Lava Flow…

I made my way back via the stairs.

I know every back door, stairwell, and service entrance intimately.

Moon peeking through the palms

On my way to breakfast…

With a new camera in my hand, I am amazed by the simplest things.

While waiting for my colleagues to meet for breakfast, I saw this…

Flowers on the ledge

Oooo, something new to photograph…

Closer look


Testing the features
Counting petals

This was our breakfast table view. They have signs all over, “Do Not Feed the Birds.”

What birds?

My table mate

Then my little friend stopped by.

Walking to the "office"


Moon reflected in the pond


View from my office chair
Mountain Destinations Team


More tomorrow… 

First Look: Maui

A picture is worth more words than I can offer.

Take a look…

Clouds over the Pacific
Good Morning Maui
Palm reflections
Trojan Purple in Maui
Pool reflections

I have to say, I awoke at 5am and was not able to go back to sleep. Then I waited for the sun to come up so I could see Maui in the daylight.

I walked around for over an hour, and photographed everything in sight.

It was lovely…

Good Morning Mr. Sun
Kids beach chairs
Cabanas by the pool
Surfs up - with the sun
Grand Wailea Beachfront
Designer pools
Resident dolphins
Tropical delights
A Grand Waterfall
A closer look
Fish ponds
Molikini at Sunset
Goodnight Maui

Tomorrow, I’ll show you the on-site “work space.”


Leavin’ on a Jet Plane

My favorite flower - Birds O' Paradise

Today is a travel day.

From Montana to Maui.

For work – the day job beckons. Sexy Hubby is sitting this one out, and not due to a lacking invitation.

But, I am so excited – I have a brand new camera with which to photograph the gorgeous Hawaiian scenery. When I’m not working, I will be playing the part of “tacky tourist,” camera draped around my neck, photographing everything within my spectrum.

I can’t wait to share the sights with you.

Stay tuned peeps.

I’ll catch up with you on the other side.

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