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Ever get the suffocating feeling that only a vacation can cure? Oh, do I ever have it now, and we don’t have a real vacation on the books until mid-2013. Wonder if I’ll make it that long? 

In the meantime, I’m taking a look back to a trip to Maui – granted it was a work trip, . . . → Read More: View I NEED today…

Final Night: Maui

Like all things marvelous, at some point they must end.

After a very successful Radiation Research Society Conference, it was time for the final night event, the quintessential Hawaiian Luau.

(And now, my “easy” blogging days are over, and I must actually begin to WRITE something versus plastering photos. In fact, Sexy Hubby commented to me, “You have a lot of . . . → Read More: Final Night: Maui

Talk a Walk with Me

Yesterday was bliss.

It was our first free afternoon since arriving in Maui last week.

Once off duty, we meandered our way to the pool, and within about thirty seconds of plopping down in the nearest lounge chair, my colleague and I were fast asleep………………….

Upon waking some time later, we decided to take a peek at the Four . . . → Read More: Talk a Walk with Me

A Grand Day

I am fairly certain one never tires of the views of Maui. Especially those around the Grand Wailea. At every turn, and every step, there is a sight to behold.

Moon at sunrise

Another moon view

But this sight I was NOT thrilled about seeing, especially since this is my Internet cable. 

Sneaky little co-worker

After several 10+ hour . . . → Read More: A Grand Day

Race to the Horizon

Sitting at my “desk” I could see the sun beginning to set on the horizon. I grabbed the trusty Canon (my new best friend) and began to run. Literally.

The thing about the Grand Wailea – although it’s the most super-fabulous resort – it’s much like a House of Mirrors – you SEE where you want to go, but . . . → Read More: Race to the Horizon

On my way to breakfast…

With a new camera in my hand, I am amazed by the simplest things.

While waiting for my colleagues to meet for breakfast, I saw this…

Flowers on the ledge

Oooo, something new to photograph…

Closer look


Testing the features


Counting petals

This was our breakfast table view. They have signs all . . . → Read More: On my way to breakfast…

First Look: Maui

A picture is worth more words than I can offer.

Take a look…

Clouds over the Pacific

Good Morning Maui

Palm reflections

Trojan Purple in Maui

Pool reflections

I have to say, I awoke at 5am and was not able to go back to sleep. Then I waited for the sun to come up so I could see . . . → Read More: First Look: Maui

Leavin’ on a Jet Plane

My favorite flower – Birds O' Paradise

Today is a travel day.

From Montana to Maui.

For work – the day job beckons. Sexy Hubby is sitting this one out, and not due to a lacking invitation.

But, I am so excited – I have a brand new camera with which to photograph the gorgeous Hawaiian scenery. . . . → Read More: Leavin’ on a Jet Plane

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