Parade in Perfect Town USA

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Don’t mean to brag – 

Don’t mean to boast – 

But our sweet, little town – IS THE MOST!

Bozeman, Montana

I’ve never known a place to have more parades – and yesterday, Main Street was closed – again – in honor of Montana State University’s homecoming celebration.

It was a lovely first day of fall – and the streets were filled with local families and college students and alumni holding Bobcat donned babies of their own.

I love it.

I love being part of this fabulous community – and by the way I cheer and get riled up over the football Bobcats, you’d swear I was an alumni myself!

Bobcat Alum

This was a riot – whatever they were throwing from this truck was worth having…

…hats with Bobcat hair!!!


…these little parade goers aren’t quite sold on the pomp and circumstance…

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