Upgrading From the “College Dorm Look”

Funny things happen when I’m away from home and Sexy Hubby is left to his own laundry-performing abilities. Upon my return from a recent trip, I was happily surprised by not only what was missing, but also, by what was left in its place.

Gone was any trace of the old bedding that formally {un}graced our mattress. Sexy Hubby said, “You know, as I was stripping the bed, I realized, there are college dorms down the street that look better than this.”

Our old bedding had been replaced with sleek new bedding – a duvet, a down comforter, and new Egyptian cotton sheets. Clean, fresh and white as the driven snow.

Sexy Hubby admitted once he took a close inventory of our “rag-tag” ensemble, he found enough motivation to visit every bed shop in town (not to worry, we are very limited here in Bozeman.) He ended up at Macy’s discussing the ills of our current bedding situation, and thus making the major purchase. {If I run into the sales girl who helped him, I will kiss her boldly on the lips!}

I knew we were due for an upgrade, but it’s just such a personal decision (will Sexy Hubby approve, or not?) not to mention, an expensive one.

Yet, the remodel didn’t stop with the crispy new sheets. Sexy Hubby suddenly discovered a “sink-hole” in the center of our mattress, and of course, once he mentioned that aloud, I fought to find sleep soundly on that mattress. We went shopping for a new mattress and selected America’s #1 mattress – the Tempur-Pedic, which has not arrived yet, and took a bold new step to purchase all new bedroom furniture. (Our current bedroom furniture was purchased when “The Junior” was only an infant.)

My ultimate inspiration – we stayed at the Peery Hotel in Salt Lake City a few years ago, and I’ll never forget the heavenly bedding from that spot. It was soft and dreamy and I don’t believe I’ve slept as well before or since.



Simple Design Tips:

  • I painted all existing frames black, and reprinted several photos in black and white to get a consistent look.
  • I purchased new lamps and shades from Target (you cannot beat a base for $29 and a new shade for $15!) as well as several throw pillows.
  • One great tip I learned (via Sexy Hubby) to get the “fluffy” bed look – place a KING-sized comforter into a QUEEN-sized duvet cover.
  • Shop in your own house first. All the accessories were already in our possession.

Now, every night feels like a dreamy night spent in a luxury hotel room. (Not to mention, we feel like “adults” and no longer college kids trying to make do with what we have.)

And all thanks to Sexy Hubby and his need to “grow up!”


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