“Cents”ational Celebrating

{Editor’s Note: This is a rerun, but I felt it was worthy as we are within the sweet spot of the upcoming holiday season. If any of you have ideas on how to creatively – and freely – enhance the holidays – I’d love to hear them. And so would my gentle readers. No matter how large or tight the budget, there are ways to squeeze in some love this season.} 

I heard a sentence this morning (while sipping hot coffee and shoveling an iHop short-stack into my pie-hole) that I not only do not understand, but in general sort of irked me.

“We are not celebrating Christmas this year?”

(It was said to Sexy Hubby by a general acquaintance.)

Of course, I’ve heard this sentence before, but it doesn’t make “cents” to me.

We are not celebrating Christmas this year.

Not celebrating all the reasons to be grateful?

Not celebrating the fact you have a roof over your head, food to eat, clothes to wear?

Not celebrating time with friends and family? 

Or are you not celebrating Christmas because you don’t have a giant pile of money to blow on crap that no one needs/will remember anyway?

Everyone feels the economic pinch and are searching for ways to keep a holiday budget under control. Bottom line, it doesn’t cost anything to share time with people you care about. In fact, I don’t exchange anything more than time with many of those closest to my heart.

For the most part, Sexy Hubby and I only exchange stocking stuffer’s that may include candy, tea, coffee or a Farmer’s Almanac (someone’s favorite gift!) For us, a favorite way to celebrate is sitting in pajamas, listening to Christmas music, and sipping the most delicious cup of Christmas coffee. {Is there anything better??}

For those feeling the pinch, there are ways to celebrate without breaking the bank, but still enjoying the season – here’s how…

5 Super-Easy and Censational Ways to Celebrate the Season

#1 – Want to celebrate with friends, but don’t want to spend a fortune? Buy a box of hot cocoa (with the mini-marshmallows) and a box of holiday cookies, add some friends, and a cozy sofa = all you need.

#2 – Find a photo of a favorite memory or event and write a note about why that moment meant so much to you. Frame it and wrap in whatever you have. Or not. It’s the thought that counts.

#3 – Bake something home-made {cookies, fudge, soup} and deliver the gift in person. Include a hand-written note why this person means so much to you.

#4 – Re-gift something you already own – a piece of jewelry, a frame, a vase – I’m the poster-child for “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

#5 – Host a humble pot luck and celebrate with loved ones. Even if it’s as simple as chip-n-dip or cheese and crackers, it’s the COMPANY that counts, not the food. {Although, I have been known to make occasional special food requests – like Big G’s garlic crab, or Kim B’s Melting Moments – and thankfully, my peeps usually oblige, for which I am doubly-grateful!}

No matter how large – or how small – my holiday wallet is, I vow to never say the words, “We are not celebrating Christmas this year.” Last time I checked, a hug, a kiss and a smile were free.

{I’m sure my buddy Sara from Saving For Someday has a pile of ideas about how to celebrate on a shoe-string. Sara, I invite you to post here if you’d like – my readers would love to hear your cost-saving tips.}

While looking for Christmas photos, look who I found?? From Christmas 2004 – our first in Montana.

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