Woke Up in a Winter Wonderland

At heart, I’m still a California girl.

And I’m still getting used to the idea of living with snow.

Do you ever get used to it?

I’m not sure – six winters in, and I’m still not sold.

Yes, it’s lovely, there is no doubt. But once it’s here – the white stuff –┬áit’s here for a very long time.

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Welcome to An Authentic Life

Authentic posts are made daily, whenever possible, although I have come to learn that balance is a healthy and necessary part of living authentically.

{Besides, an occasional day off keeps the laundry and dust-bunnies at bay. And, Sexy Hubby appreciates a home-cooked meal every now and then.}

What does it mean to “Live An Authentic Life?”

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Ghosts of Halloween Past

It’s amazing that something I used to love now makes me melancholy.

When my kids were small, I loved Halloween.

I loved to decorate the house. I loved to plan fun parties. I loved purchasing great costumes (I was a work-outside-the-home- mom, never did I attempt to make anything. I left that to the work-from-home-moms.)

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