Woke Up in a Winter Wonderland

At heart, I’m still a California girl.

And I’m still getting used to the idea of living with snow.

Do you ever get used to it?

I’m not sure – six winters in, and I’m still not sold.

Yes, it’s lovely, there is no doubt. But once it’s here – the white stuff – it’s here for a very long time.

And didn’t I tell you?

I told you.

I told you it would change.

I told you it would change in the blink of an eyeball.

I went to bed with soft pitter-patter of rain, and then…

…woke up in a Winter Wonderland.

I left the house early and brought the Rebel along.

The Rebel had images to capture.

As I stopped and took some photos, neighbors were driving by wondering, “What the hell is she doing? Hasn’t she seen snow before?”

They laugh at me. Secretly.

They know I am an outsider.

Although I pretend to play the part. They know I don’t belong. Who else stands out in the snow taking photos?

Only an idiot, who still marvels at this faint white stuff.

And, no, it’s not an illegal substance.


And now…

Last week it looked like this….

Yesterday, it looked like this…

Last winter I purchased a reduced price ski-pass, and never used it.

How will I survive this winter?

Only time will tell.

I am open to ideas.

I love skiing, but hate the cold.

Who am I kidding.

This could be one long-ass winter.

…stay tuned peeps…

Welcome to An Authentic Life

Authentic posts are made daily, whenever possible, although I have come to learn that balance is a healthy and necessary part of living authentically.

{Besides, an occasional day off keeps the laundry and dust-bunnies at bay. And, Sexy Hubby appreciates a home-cooked meal every now and then.}

What does it mean to “Live An Authentic Life?”

Only you can answer that question for yourself.

For me – and the purpose of this blog – with everything I do, I try to take a positive approach. Inherently, I believe everything happens for the good.

Even the bad.

Life “happens” to TEACH us how to grow and to learn to become better, more solid human beings.

In my posts, I share my foibles with you, in the hope we can learn from each other. Support each other. Save each other from dreadful mistakes.

Or worse, regret.

Do I always succeed? Absolutely not. Therein lies the beauty of living authentically. When you are true to yourself, truth finds a way to trickle into all aspects of your life. At least it has for me.

I wish the same for you.

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Thank you for spending a few of your precious moments here with me.

Ghosts of Halloween Past

It’s amazing that something I used to love now makes me melancholy.

When my kids were small, I loved Halloween.

I loved to decorate the house. I loved to plan fun parties. I loved purchasing great costumes (I was a work-outside-the-home- mom, never did I attempt to make anything. I left that to the work-from-home-moms.)

I even loved cooking ghoulish dinners, and creating slimy desserts.

Those were the days.

With two “adult” children and a 15 year old, no one plays dress up anymore. No one carves Jack-O-Lanterns. No parties. No frightful meals.


In honor of Halloween – a holiday I used to love – let’s take a look at the ghosts and goblins of Halloween past.

Don’t mind me, while I sit in the corner and sob.

Halloween 1994

You can’t really notice, but I am a “pregnant” witch!

Halloween 1995
Halloween 1996 - My Little Devil

West Side Farms, 1996

A favorite Halloween tradition was taking the kids out to West Side Farms in Healdsburg – the best pumpkin patch ever. It was my most favorite spot.

They had a little market where they sold garden vegetables, local crafts and goodies like jams and jellies. They also offered hayrides, had barnyard animals (probably the largest hogs on display I have ever seen), a ginormous haystack to climb – and of course miles and miles of pumpkins.

West Side Farms, 1996

Sadly, sometime before we left the Golden State, West Side Farms was sold to a local vintner.

Instead of pumpkins, they now grow grapes.

Halloween 1997

"Scary" Hubby - 1999

Halloween 2000


Halloween 2001

I pride myself on the fact I take tons of photos, yet, after 2001, my collection of Halloween photos is sketchy, hazy – and mostly missing?

Yet, this shot from last year’s Halloween party is enough to take my mind off feeling sad.

In fact, I may never be sad about my kids being grown and missing Halloween ever again.


Even "Scarier" Hubby

What was your best Halloween costume?


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