This IS my Holiday Greeting Card!

Editor’s Note: Two years ago I made this decision, and was concerned – wondering – would regret it?

Guess what?

There is not a single regret to be found.

Only freedom – sweet freedom – and liberation from the pressure to get the stinking Christmas card photo taken, ordered, then cards written, addressed, stamped and mailed. 

Whew. It makes me weary just thinking about it…

Over the years, most especially during the holiday season, I’ve done more than my fair share to support Uncle Sam and the United States Postal Service.

Yet, I’m taking a stand.

And I ain’t gonna do it no more.

When did I decide?


Why did I decide?

Because I’m a digital girl living in a digital world, and I would much rather spend my days playing Liberace on a keyboard.

As a writer, I love a good pen, but find the need to use one less and less. In fact, one Christmas Sexy Hubby bought me some super fancy pen that cost the equivalent of a 7-course meal. Must have been around the time I bought him a $200 hammer – the thing used to hit nails. {Should have hit myself in the head for all the sense that made.}

Regardless, I just don’t write anymore, at least the old fashioned way, via pen and paper. In fact, the only humans on the planet with whom I continue to MAIL items are my parents. And that is about to come to a halt, once I show them how to operate electronic mail. Then, I’m going to declare myself paper free!!!

I already pay all my bills online. I receive all of my statements via email. The only paper that arrives in my mail box are local circulars. And a few old-fashioned magazines (which after reading, I properly recycle!) I do love a magazine. Wonder how much longer they will be around??

Over the past holiday weekend, as I belabored decorating the Christmas tree in the back of my mind was this shrill, nagging voice, “You’ve got to get your Christmas cards signed, addressed, and ready to mail. Pronto!”

I hate that nagging voice.

I would have opted to shovel every driveway on our street rather than sit down and scribble out names and addresses. It was killing me.

In today’s social media world, it is rare to go more than a 12 hours without seeing a new photo or update on my favorite social media outlets. We interact on a regular basis. We have no need to clog the land fills with more paper.

And I know one person (he who shall not to be named) that will be extra-relieved to not suffer through another holiday photo shoot. Especially after the year I demanded we go shoe-less.

We lived in California.

There was no snow on the ground.

Yet, by the way my family reacted, you’d a thought I wanted them to walk a mile over red-hot coals.

They have no appreciation for holiday photo staging. {I let them be in the photo anyway.}

For those lucky few who receive a hard-copy holiday greeting in your mailbox this December, I am relieved to say, it will be our last.

Don’t worry, for all the fodder you can stand – all year long – just log on here.

I hope to be around awhile. Blogging this and blogging that.

One last look at the holiday cards from our past…

{As you can tell, this card theme with hand-made bows carried over two years in a row!}

Side Note:

Sexy Hubby: What’s the blog about? (His normal question.)

Me: I’ve had an epiphany.

Sexy Hubby: What this time?

Me: I have decided this is the last year we are sending Christmas Cards.

Sexy Hubby: What?

Me: Yep, I’m over it.

Sexy Hubby: I don’t know if I agree with that.

Me: Great. Feel free to do it yourself.

Sexy Hubby: Forget that.

— The End —

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